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Heart & Sole is dedicated to helping everyone discover and experience fresh options and consequently enjoy nutritional harmony, optimal performance and thus more enjoyment out of life.

With over 30 years of extensive experience in the natural foods and holistic health industry, Beverly Wells remains current in the newest advancements in homeopathic/holistic health. She has owned Heart & Sole since 1998, which is known for being a successful holistic education and wellness center. She has helped multitudes of clients over the years.

From her current location, she is able to practice her many licensed and accredited disciplines, which include but are not limited to holistic iridology, reflexology, blood type education, wellness strategies, three in one concepts, Reiki, and massage.

She thoroughly enjoys educating others in her quest for a more natural world. She was an instructor of holistic reflexology at the College of Southern Nevada, and is also an approved provider from NCBTMB to teach and provide continuing educational credits. Not to mention her internal desire to teach others to take a more proactive, productive, holistic approach to obtain optimal wellness and letting go of past limitations (both known and unknown) that may be keeping them from living an optimal lifestyle.

Beverly loves living in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she is able to take meditative walks and connect to nature. She continues learning the latest in holistic health and educate society on the importance of a more natural approach to wellness, health, and lifestyle.


If you are interested in holistic health or reflexology and iridology in Waynesville, NC, contact Heart & Sole today.


Beverly Wells

CN™, MIfHI, Dip.H.Ir., CR, LMT MA# 57599

Beverly Wells

Beverly Wells, a Wellness Facilitator, speaker, teacher and “Advocate for Public Health and Nutrition”, has been a pioneer in the Natural Foods and Complementary/Holistic Health industry for more than 30 years. She has studied and worked with ‘The Best of the Best’ and continually strives to stay current in the latest cutting edge research and advancements.

Beverly holds a Certificate from NCBTM and holds massage licenses in Florida Ma#57599, Virginia and North Carolina LMBT #13685.  She is a Certified Nutritionist™ as well as, a Certified Blood-type Practitioner/educator  and holds the title ’Master Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality’(K-138); signifying she has taken advanced trainings with Dr. Peter D’Adamo’. Beverly is also a Master Reflexologist and former instructor of Holistic Reflexology at CCSN, Las Vegas, NV.   She has an extensive background in ‘Precision’ Muscle Testing, the many uses of ‘Therapeutic Medicinal Quality’ Gemstones and Tuning Forks.  Beverly is also a Diplomat of Holistic Iridology,which goes beyond the physical aspects of self.  She sits on the Advisory Board for the International College of Iridology.

Beverly has a strong internal desire and passion to educate others in taking a more proactive, holistic approach in obtaining an optimal wellness lifestyle.  She developed and teaches several workshops in Wellness Strategies, Blood type and Reflexology to everyone interested in learning about a more Simplified Individualized Holistic approach to life.

Beverly resides in Waynesville, NC, where she facilitates and integrates many of her licensed and accredited disciplines which include, but are not limited to, Holistic Iridology, Iris Photo Analysis; Holistic Reflexology, Blood Type Counseling/Education, Precision Muscle Testing, and Raindrop Technique.

Beverly is dedicated to helping everyone discover and experience fresh options and choices and consequently enjoy nutritional harmony, optimal performance and thus more Zest for Life.  Beverly looks forward to working with you now and in the future. Let’s all have more fun in the present time more of the time.